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Although Beaded Baby Boutique is retired, I am still willing to do custom orders. If there's something you're interested in having me create (whether I have examples up on the site or not) email me at and I'll send you a bid.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I still take custom orders; if you are interested in a custom creation, please email me for a quote (

Death of a blog....

Maybe death is too dramatic; yeah it is, how about retirement of a blog/site? I think that's much better. This site/blog was really fun to work on and gave me something to do while nursing, but it never really did much as a business. So, I've decided to retire this as many retirees now-a-days it won't just sit there waiting to die, I may still post the occasional recipe or whatnot, but as far as ordering things, the new order form will just tell you to email me & everything will pretty much be custom orders (I'm not keeping all my old supplies in stock).

It's been fun, thank you to all those who gave me feedback on my site and to the few of you who actually ordered, thanks a bunch.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Recipe Time

My husband recently discovered biscotti (I swear I've bought it before, but this time we were given a Costco purchased tub and well, we've eaten 2 Costco sized tubs.....)

Even at Costco they're still pricey, so I looked up some recipes, I didn't like the first one I tried and came up with my own. It's not quite as crisp & light as the Nonni brand (the one you can get at Costco), but it's  pretty close and I'm still playing with the recipe, if I get it any closer, I'll update the recipe.

Breanna's Biscotti
3/4 c sugar
5 Tbsp butter
3 eggs
vanilla (I don't really measure it, probably about 1.5 tsp)
3 c flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 nuts (I use about 1/2 chopped almonds + 1/4 chopped pecans)
1.5 tsp anise seed
1/4 c chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350

Cream butter and sugar (use the flat paddle on your mixer). While that's creaming, mix the dry ingredients (including the nuts and anise but not the chocolate) in a separate bowl.  In your mixer, add eggs one at a time, add vanilla mix a few seconds. Pour your dry ingredients in with wet ingredients, mix until combined.

Kneed dough a few times on a lightly floured surface. Shape into a flat loaf (approx 7"x14").

Bake on lightly greased cookie sheet for 25 min.

Remove to cooling rack at least 10 min. (I use two spatulas to move the loaf to keep it from breaking).

Cut loaf into cookies (I like mine to be 7"x 0.5")

Stand cookies up on cookie sheet so they're not touching each other, bake again for 10-15 min.

Remove to cooling rack.

Melt chocolate until smooth and runny (takes about 45 sec in the microwave and some mixing). Cool just enough that you can stick your finger in it (you don't want to melt your plastic bag).

Place biscotti on waxed paper. Pour chocolate into a zip-top bag, press to remove air, zip, and snip off a corner of the bag. Drizzle chocolate over biscotti.

Once chocolate is set (if you can wait that long) enjoy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Be sure to check out February's recipe it's super easy and super yummy! Also, don't forget the Sweet Cheeks Sale ends Feb 14th!

Super Easy Enchilada Chicken Soup

This Recipe is adapted from a friend's blog; this is the original recipe 

Mix the following in your crockpot:
One large can of green enchilada sauce
8 oz (no salt added) tomato sauce
2 cups of water*
1-2 tsp Better Than Bullion

2-3 large chicken breasts (or 5-7 tenders)

Cook on low for about 4 hours.
Remove chicken and shred, return to crockpot.

One can of black beans
About half a bag of frozen corn (or more if you'd like)
one box of Spanish style rice*

Cook on low for 1-2 hours.

*2 cups of water and one box of rice makes this pretty thick, if you want it to be thinner, add more water or less rice.

Serve with avacado, tomato, cheese, sour cream, chips, anything else that sounds good!

Monday, February 1, 2010

There Will Be a New Recipe, but First.....

It's February, I love February, my little Valentine turns 1 this month! So, in her honor.....
What would be more appropriate for this sale than diaper cakes? is: 40% off diaper cakes, plus some of the flowers/bows will be on clips so they can be used as accessories OR 20% off your entire order (when ordering a diaper cake). Hurry this sale ends Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Product!

We now offer family trees! Perfect for anniversaries, baby showers or even weddings.

Each tree hangs from a hand painted picture frame or wooden plaque. The frame comes with family name with any custom lettering you'd like printed on 48 lb. paper; you can replace it with a picture if you'd like. The plaque option comes with the family name painted on it (additional custom lettering is an option, but is priced differently).

For example, as pictured above the total cost is $24.50

When ordering please indicate your choices for the following:
Frame or plaque
Color of: male hearts, female hearts, ribbon, lettering in the hearts & heart trim color
Names of: the family (Last name), Wife, Husband, children written in order you'd like them to be on the tree (please indicate gender & if you are or aren't including spouses of children), and grandchildren